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Frequently Asked Questions

What do my dues pay for?

Association dues pay for a wide variety of services and tasks which are necessary to keep our neighborhood operating smoothly and looking nice. Such items include: bookkeeping, common area property taxes, electricity for entrance lighting, trash and recycling collection, snow plowing, street patching, road re-construction, mowing of entrances and common areas, pond maintenance, spring clean-up including flowers and mulch for entrances, maintenance of signs and fences, and a variety of miscellaneous tasks that require attention.

When is trash pick-up and how much stuff can I put out?
You can refer the Trash/Recycling page for more details, but typical trash pick-up is every Thursday. Every home is supplied with one garbage cart and, when carts are not at curbside for pick-up, they are to remain out of view. Additional bulk items can be handled on an individual basis upon request. Lodi Township also has bulk item days which are announced in the local paper.

When is recycling and yard waste picked up?
You can refer to the Trash/Recycling page for dates, but typical recycling happens every other Thursday, and yard waste is collected every Thursday from Spring through Fall. Every home is supplied with a recycling cart into which can be placed any type of recyclable material: paper, boxes, glass, cans, bottles, etc.

When do they plow snow and should I mark my driveway?
A snow event of 3" or more will bring out the plow trucks. All street frontage and driveways should be clearly marked with reflectorized sticks or poles, which you can find at most local hardware stores. The important thing to remember is that the plow drivers do not want to damage your lawn, but if it is not properly marked, they simply can't see where the edges are. So please help yourself and the plow drivers by marking your driveways and the road frontage. Thanksgiving weekend is a good time to plant these markers in your yard, approximately 6" from the pavement edge.

Why doesn't the County plow or re-pave our streets?
Because the County does not own our streets...we do. As a private subdivision, the County does not receive any road tax money for our roads, and therefore they do not have the obligation or requirement to maintain or replace the roads in any way. The collection of Association dues provides for a dedicated road maintenance fund that provides for crack-sealing and spot repairs, while our larger reconstruction fund collects more money and invests it over time to provide for a brand new surface once every 20-25 years as necessary.


What if I need a new mailbox key?

If you misplace your mailbox key and have no spare, you can contact Pop-A-Lock, a locksmith company able to install a new lock and provide new keys (  Consider having one or two extra copies of your key made, as well as recording your key number (which may aid in reproducing your key if lost).

What if I want to add on to my house or re-paint?
All external alterations or additions must have prior approval of the Board of Directors. This is to ensure that the neighborhood retains the style and standards that were established and agreed upon by all residents. If you are simply repainting to restore the previous color of your home, you do not need permission. 

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