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TPS Grounds


Spring Clean-Up

Historically, homeowners participated in a voluntary clean-up day to help beautify the neighborhood and tidy up the remnants of winter.  In 2019, an outside contractor was hired to perform the clean-up tasks at the north and south entrances, such as weeding, trimming, mulching, and other general maintenance tasks.

Pond Maintenance

Each year, TPSHA contracts with a vendor to treat both the east and west ponds to control weeds and/or algae. The products used, which are applied in amounts approved by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, are not harmful to humans, pets, or wildlife.  Blue Water will post yellow signs along the shoreline during the months of April-September, indicating date of treatment, products used, and water use restrictions.  Refer to 2019 Treatment Notice for additional information. 

TPS Residents --
Please feel free to help with ongoing
maintenance at both entrances,
as may be needed throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone for helping to keep Travis Pointe South beautiful!
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