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Trash & Recycling

Normal trash and recycling pick-up is performed every Thursday by Republic Services.  However, the following holidays will delay pick-up by one day if the holiday is between M-Th: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

If a resident desires an extra trash bin, please contact Republic Services.  This will require establishing a separate account to pay Republic Services directly for

the extra bin.

Yard Waste Info

Weekly yard waste pick-up will begin Thursday, April 6, 2023.  The last day for pick-up is toward the end of November/beginning of December.  The end date for weekly pick-up for 2022 was November 25.

September 2023 Pick-up Dates

9/08   Trash & Recycle (This is a Friday)

9/14   Trash & Recycle

9/21   Trash & Recycle

9/28   Trash & Recycle


Rate          Charge Code              Description                        

$13.00               CAR                          Per Item - Carpet

$17.25               FUR                    Per Item - Sofa, Loveseat, Etc.

$11.50               BU1                Per Item - Bike, Wheelbarrow

$28.75               BU2        Per Item - Kitchen Tables, Dressers, Air Compressor

$40.25               BU3                 Per Item - Sinks, Vanities, Toilets

$51.75               BU4                  Per Item - Mower, Snowblower

$86.25               HHG             Per Item - Very Large Household Items

$12.75               MAT                  Per Item -  Mattress/Box Springs

Curbside Bulk Service Day: Thursday (service limited to one pick-up per week)

Notes - Use TPSHA account #3-0241-0047779 to schedule and pay for bulk service. Resident must pay fees and schedule in advance of service day.

Call REPUBLIC at 800-878-4626 to schedule.

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