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Board of Directors


The Travis Pointe South Homeowners Association (TPSHA) Board of Directors consists of five members who serve two-year terms. Two of the terms expire in January of odd-numbered years, and three of the terms expire in January of even-numbered years. The TPSHA adopted the five-member Board with overlapping terms to assure continuity from one year to the next. The Board typically meets once a month for 1-1/2 to 2 hours. A minimal amount of additional time may be required for miscellaneous projects.  The Board consists of the following positions and related duties:

President - prepares agendas for meetings and leads meetings
Vice-President - performs President's duties in the event of President's absence
Secretary - takes minutes at all regular Board meetings and Annual Meeting
Treasurer - prepares budget, coordinates payment of bills/dues with Bookkeeper
Grounds Maintenance - coordinates repair and maintenance efforts for the Association, including roads, common areas and snow removal

Current Board Members

President - Jon Roe

Vice President - Kyle Grazier

Secretary - Laurie Foondle

Treasurer - Doug Vredeveld

Grounds Maintenance - Wes Ichesco

Due to the efforts of past Board members, many standardized documents and procedures have been established, so even though this is a volunteer activity, most business items are routine and well organized. If you would like to serve on the Board, please contact a current Board member. Working on the Board is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and perform a valuable public service for your community. Board members are rebated one quarter’s dues at the end of each completed calendar year. 

Board Meeting Minutes

Jan-24; Feb-24; Mar-24; Apr-24; May-24; Jun-24; Jul-24; Aug-24; Sep-24; Oct-24; Nov-24; Dec-24

Jan-23; Feb-23; Mar-23; Apr-23; May-23; Jun-23; Jul-23; Aug-23; Sep-23; Oct-23; Nov-23; Dec-23

Jan-22; Feb-22; Mar-22; Apr-22; May-22; Jun-22; Jul-22; Aug-22; Sep-22; Oct-22; Nov-22; Dec-22

Jan-21; Feb-21; Mar-21; Apr-21; May-21; Jun-21; Jul-21; Aug-21; Sep-21; Oct-21; Nov-21; Dec-21

Jan-20; Feb-20; Mar-20; Apr-20; May-20; Jun-20; Jul-20; Aug-20; Sep-20; Oct-20; Nov-20; Dec-20

Jan-19; Feb-19; Mar-19; Apr-19; May-19; Jun-19; Jul-19; Aug-19; Sep-19; Oct-19; Nov-19; Dec-19

Jan-18; Feb-18; Mar-18; Apr-18; May-18; Jun-18; Jul-18; Aug-18; Sep-18; Oct-18; Nov-18; Dec-18

Jan-17; Feb-17; Mar-17; Apr-17; May-17; Jun-17; Jul-17; Aug-17; Sep-17; Oct-17; Nov-17; Dec-17

Jan-16; Feb-16; Mar-16; Apr-16; May-16; Jun-16; Jul-16; Aug-16; Sep-16; Oct-16; Nov-16; Dec-16

Jan-15; Feb-15; Mar-15; Apr-15; May-15; Jun-15; Jul-15; Aug-15; Sep-15; Oct-15; Nov-15; Dec-15

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